Message from Academic Adviser

Education is a dynamic process of learning. The quality education causes all round development of the students. The student, who is provided education through different teaching methods and well planned experiments, becomes sharp minded.

For physical fitness, regular exercise through games and sports is essential. Moral and spiritual values must also the part and parcel of education for the students. The students must have perfection in the field of information technology as per demand of time. The students must get ready to face the competitions for their personality development. The students must get ready to face the competitions for their personality development. The students must be trained to be fit, active, curious, innovative and progressive with the spirit of unity, patriotism, bravery, non-violence, punctuality, regularity, honesty, dedication and devotion to build up their character very sound and their personality very much impressive. They must have faith in God, humanity, social service and love. They must be hard working with the feeling of harmony, compassion politeness, forgiveness, selflessness and patience to get very good progress at each and every step in life.

J.M.S. World School has been started to serve for the all round development of students. Being an educationist I would like to appeal to all the guardians of the students to spare their precious time to achieve the goal of all round development of their children by providing them the best care lovingly.

In the process of all round development let the students be encouraged and promoted to enrich their skills- reading, writing, speaking, listening and understanding.

The management of J.M.S. World School is large hearted as it is very much co-operative for the best progress of the school. The dynamic management is proving blessings for the school. It is committed to promote the quality education for the all round development of students with the help of well educated and trained team of teachers. Our school will progress by leaps and bounds with a vision- To be a centre of educational excellence and best practices that produce lifelong learners and with a mission- Preparing children for life through quality education that reflects Indian culture in a world scenario. Therefore you are invited to visit the school. The new world of education based on latest smart technologies for getting an opportunity for the best education of your child.